TruNews ~ 8/09/22

Radical Raid on Trump’s Home Reunites MAGA Movement to Fight Communists in USA.
One thing is certain. If Donald J. Trump was not running for President in 2024 yesterday afternoon, he was running by Monday night. The surprise raid of 20 to 30 armed FBI agents on the former President’s private residence is unprecedented in American history. Everything changed last night. No longer could American citizens assume that former Presidents were safe from political persecution, even imprisonment by extreme opponents.
No future president will be confident he or she won’t go to prison for his beliefs and policies. No American citizen can assume he or she is living in a free republic under the rule of law. You can be certain that Donald Trump will run for President in 2024. He no longer has a choice. He must run to prove that American citizens cannot be silenced by far left commiecrats who work for the China communist party.
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