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Free Mart Shopping Club.
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I’ve been working from home for well over a decade now, so it would be tough to move back into a corporate environment. However, working from a home office isn’t for everyone and while there are some huge advantages, there are some drawbacks as well.

I’ve had a number of employees over the years, some who blossomed from home, and some who flamed out, and often the difference is all about mindset. I’ve found a set of tools that make working from home much more productive. In fact, I’m likely better equipped in my home office now than most are in their corporate headquarters.

The positives of working at home

The big plus is no commute. I get up, get dressed walk down a short hall, and I’m in the office. This is my space, I’m comfortable, secure, can start as early or work as late as I want, and I’m personally securing my stuff. You can avoid all of the little distractions like stories of weekend activities, gossip, folks who can’t talk quietly on their phones (I’m one of them) – and then there’s the office drama that you don’t have to deal with.

The problem of working from home

You are disconnected, that’s good if you are good self-driver, but it is bad if you need to be pushed. To begin with, very few people will actually start their own business. It is a dream but will never become a reality for most. Why? Laziness. Most folks are great at dreaming about what they want but when it comes to putting their butt into gear and actually doing the work, they sit down and turn the television back on and realize that job they have where the check shows up every other Friday isn’t so bad after all. So the years go by and nothing in their life changes.

In Business for Yourself, but not by Yourself

Running a business from a Home Office comes with many benefits, like flexibility, the ability to create your own schedule and even tax breaks. These benefits are hard to beat, but it can be difficult to grow your home-based business. If you have big aspirations and are looking for ways to turn your great idea into a tangible business model that’s run out of your home, you need a plan.

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What is “FreeMart”?

FREEMART is a Membership Club similar to Sam’s Club or Costco,
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