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Friday 12Mar21 The David Knight Show podcast

  • Guest: Gerald Celente, (Trends Journal) — why they’re coming after Cuomo now; bitcoin, gold, real estate and the stimulus
  • Texas Greg Abbott 5 days ago called out Facebook, now he wants to cancel speech like Zuckerberg
  • Pandemic jab & the REAL science at work — BEHAVIORAL Science
  • California town that did NOT lockdown
  • 24/7 A.I. drones that follow you constantly — latest gift from technocrats

Topics by timecode

1:27 Digital Artwork, with nothing tangible, just sold for $67 MILLION; same technology Microsoft will use to erase dissidents from the internet;

16:25  Biden administration declares they will run cyberattacks on Russia (an open declaration of war according to Obama/Biden policy)

20:03 Former Google employees’ new company has created A.I. drones that FOLLOW you and predict your movement — for police state

31:20 Atlanta neighborhood moves to SECEDE from the city

42:40  Democrat House passes first 2 bills against 2nd Amendment — and brag about “assault weapon” ban next?  It’s 10th Amendment, now or never

55:00 Ad Council got $250 Million from Trump for vaccine propaganda campaign and they run a PSA with all former presidents BUT him.  They may be enemies who don’t want him in “the club”, but on the CENTRAL ISSUE — they’re allies

1:00:02 Facebook censored Johns Hopkins doctor’s WSJ op-ed piece b/c he suggested lockdown should be over in April

1:05:00  Document goes public from UK showing calculated tactics to push different groups of hesitant people to get vaccinated

1:25:20  As 1/3 of states have removed mask mandates, Biden moves to enforce with fines from OSHA & rules from CDC

1:29:30  Compare what Biden/Obama official wrote about sanctions designed to destroy Iran — to the lockdown.  Attacks on economy, food, transportation

1:40:00 How a small business coalition kept a California town from locking down — grassroots liberty

1:50:35 TX Gov Greg Abbott goes after Gab just one week about complaining about #BigTech #censorship.  The only difference between these people is who/what they want to censor.

2:02:11 INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente

2:45:00 “Journalists” are trying to censor substance & state government are criminalizing all peaceful protests

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The Real David Knight Show

Friday March 5th, 2021

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