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Wednesday 11Mar21 – The David Knight Show podcast

    • Guest: Stephen Shellenberger filmmaker of “The Spark” a unique art film about humanity vs transhumanism & the surveillance state post 9/11
    • $1.9 TRILLION Cash for COVID or #UBI hand feeding, corruption & control?
    • Moderna chief medical officer explained in 2017 how their approach was “hacking the the software of life”
    • What’s going on in schools? Political Correctness? Cultural Marxism? No, simply communist authoritarian practices as the foundation of education

1:44 The “stimulus” is NOT a gift to the American people — but a Trojan Horse of graft, corruption, bailouts for crony organizations and bankrupt cities and states — much like the first one last year.  Some specifics…

18:46 How would you like a pension of 1.2 MILLION Bolivars!  Sounds great, right, like the “stimulus”.  Problem is that’s only $0.63 a month and a fraction of the cost of a dozen eggs.  This is what hyperinflation looks like in modern Marxism.

42:35 A tale of Civil War gold treasure found — then stolen by FBI agents!

49:36 Presidential DIS-Appointments to Supreme Court — a failed tactic since Reagan has now failed under Trump as well.  Is it time to reassess the strategy of supporting judicial supremacy?

57:08 Since Stalinism is growing in America, is it time to develop Samizdat (underground dissident communication) in America?

1:31:23  Stephen Shellenberger talks about the “writer with no hands”, CIA involvement in Hollywood and his unique art film “The Spark”, available for rent/purchase here:

1:37:01 The “writer with no hands” — Stephen talks about Gary Devore who disappeared after being warned to stop work on a script exposing the use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) in the Panama Invasion

1:52:59 “The Spark” is even having reviews of it censored. Here’s what it’s about

2:37:02 The latest vaccine body count

2:42:31 Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer in 2017 TED Talk: “we’re hacking the software of life”

2:59:20  Canadian pastor & his son kicked out of Conservative party for opposing lockdown “conduct unbecoming” and, — “Give us Barabbas” a dangerous sex offender is let out (with warning to community) while  Canadian pastor James Coates is held in jail for holding a church service

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Thursday March 11th

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