The Real David Knight Show – March 26th

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Your Host, David Knight.
It’s day 376 of the Lockdown. . .
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• GUEST INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente,

• Biden press conference controlled — but not the border

• CDC prohibits cruise ships until Nov — maybe the all powerful health dictators should demand the BORDER be closed

• USA Today demands that Cinderella NCAA basketball team be cancelled because the college is too Christian while Cinderella play cancelled for being too white

• Openly racist Sen Duckworth who will NOT vote for ANY white nominees unless LGBT, introduces a bill to fund abortions saying NOT funding Planned Parenthood’s Black Genocide is — RACIST

• Biden: tiny stimulus, big tax increase

• Babies separated from parents at hospital for positive COVID test, but large number of illegal alien children test positive but NOT separated

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The Real David Knight Show ** Friday, 26th of March, 2021.

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