The Real David Knight Show – June 4th

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On this day 446 of Ameritca helled hostage.
David Analysis for Friday June 4th, 2021.
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• DARPA & Johns Hopkins’ Self-Propagating Vaccines — NO Consent.
• Everyone MUST be vaccinated as establishment obsesses over ways to vaccinate without consent — or knowledge.
• GreatReset — from 19th Indian Reservations genocide and control to McDonald’s AI/Robotics and technocrats’ UBI.
• The OTHER vaccine lottery — where you get disabled for life and spend MILLIONS on medical care without compensation.
• The PANDEMIC “Vaccine Court” is even WORSE than the other vaccine court.
• Diary of a STASI Health Inspector’s Visits to Church.
• Hong Kong unable to commemorate Tiananmen Square Massacre — medical dictatorship lockdown accomplished what traditional communist crackdown could not.

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June 4th – Show

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