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On this day 461 of America heled hostage.
Friday June 18th’s Edition.
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• INTERVIEW: USA’s Prison for Political Dissidents — CMU. (Communications Management Unit)

• Dana Gottesfeled,, on the Gitmo-like CMU being used for political dissidents (i.e. anyone who is a political opponent of the government).
• Financial blacklisting of conservatives — are we seeing a revival of Obama’s Operation Chokepoint (which was directed at gun retailers)?
• Constitutional Carry, 2A Sanctuary States and suppressors w/o federal permits — and Biden administration is now threatening.
• Senators are getting tired of masks on planes but Buttigieg & Biden will not relent.
• Belgian “Rambo” — now fugitive — is a lesson and a warning to USA.
• Social Justice is NOT Justice. Economist F.A. Hayek and pastor Voddie Baucham explain what its advocates say it is — and how they use it.

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