The Real David Knight Show – April 9th

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Your Host, David Knight.
It’s day 391 of the Lockdown. . .
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• INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente. (In the 3rd Hour)
• Biden called shootings “epidemic” — here’s why his “solutions” are like COVID response & Chipman is like Fauci.
• “Ghost guns” & “Samizdat” — why Biden will fai.
• DICK’S SPORTING “vaccination clinic” closed after 18 people have immediate adverse reactions, 2 hospitalized.
• European Court of Human Rights says mandatory vaccination is NOT a violation of rights?
• Biden infrastructure bill will bribe communities to stop single family homes.

• My Analysis for Friday April 9th, 2021.

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• Courtesy of David Knight Show
• Congress Won’t Fire Fauci But We Can