The Real David Knight Show – April 7th

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It’s day 389 of the Lockdown.
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• INTERVIEW: Sheriff David Hathaway — standing against Covid tyranny, at the epicenter of Biden’s attempts at border anarchy.
• Ukraine/Russia conflict getting serious as Biden pushes.
• Fauci fear campaign is collapsing as he tries to claim victory with vaccines.
• VaccinePassports are just placeholder — here’s what’s coming.
• Vax obits — more vaccine deaths reported in 3 MONTHS than last 10 YEARS combined.
• Vaccinate for “Herd Immunity”? No, DISOBEY to achieve “Herd Liberty”.
• UK had contracts for VaccinePassport 6 months ago, EU working on it 2 YEARS ago.
• Greg Abbott, once again, does NOT protect on VaccinePassports — what media is NOT telling you.

• My Analysis for Wednesday April 7th, 2021.

Watch: Video [2:45:02]

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• Biden & MIC Pushes/Funds War With Russia REPLAY.