The Real David Knight Show – April 13th

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It’s day 395 of the Lockdown.
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• INTERVIEW: GoatTree — DeepDotWeb, Cyber Polygon, DARPA implants, Neuralink, Electroceuticals.
• DavidKnightShow YouTube channel cancelled — like DAVOS says, FreeSpeech is an existential threat to THEM.
• Will they call us Coincidence Theorists? Immediate adverse reactions in 4 states, closing vax centers, dismissed as “coincidences”, “heat”, “fear of needles” — vaccines: the leading cause of “coincidences”.
• The media’s nonsense narrative of “Breakthrough cases”.
• State 10th Amendment efforts to stop ENDLESS foreign wars.

• My Analysis for Tuesday April 13th, 2021.

Watch: Video [3:08:21]

channel imageGeneral Shepherd
channel imageThe Dead Gene
• Courtesy of David Knight Show
• Vaccine Pass Gets More Sinister – It’s Like RansomWare.