The David Knight Show, May 3

INTERVIEW: Shurtleff, Winner of UNANIMOUS Supreme Court Case on Free Speech.

* INTERVIEW: Winner of UNANIMOUS Victory in Supreme Court. Hal Shurtleff,, wins 9-0 at SCOTUS with Mat Staver, Liberty Council, on a case with big implications for Free Speech and Free Exercise of Religion. What is “government speech”? Does government have the “right” to “privilege certain viewpoints” and purge others? What is “establishment” of religion? These and many more questions
* Space hotels are coming, woman comes back from the dead, as media says eternal life will become a $600+ BILLION market
* Peer-reviewed study shows masks INCREASE fatalities of those who are sick. We already knew they do nothing to stop spread.
* Russia & USA going full Dr. Strangelove —
* * Russian TV brags about wiping out UK with massive radioactive tsunami
* * Adam Kinzinger pushes AUMF against Russia
* * Ukraine admits “Ghost of Kyiv” is a fictional superhero, even as the most “prestigious” Western media are eulogizing his death and pretending he’s real. Pure “Wag the Dog” hilarity
* * Compare the $33 BILLION for Ukraine to annual military budgets for other nations, including Russia
* Taxpayers on hook for subsidizing wind power, but windmills NOT paying into the system while prices are soaring now
* Second massive EV battery fire with a French bus in just one month
* How big are Democrats likely to lose in this election? Here’s some numbers
* First cars, then meat, now CEREAL targeted by Green Reset. Yes, they want to starve us
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Segment 1

* Space hotels are coming in 3-5 years. Will they be like Kubrick’s 2001?

* Woman comes back from the dead, hospital kills her

* Media says eternal life and life extension will be a massive market as they ignore the free offer

* WATCH: Massive EV Battery Fire in a Bus. A violent, intense fire nearly impossible to put out. 2nd one in a month. Maybe it’s time we reassess the situation as they did with the Hindenburg

Segment 2 begins approximately 00:24:16

* Biden used the name of a fictitious mole (and double agent) as his email account

* How BIG a loss are the Democrats looking at in the election

Segment 3 begins approximately 00:42:00

* Climate crazies are now demonizing cereal. Remember when our only concern was it getting soggy in milk?

* Wind farms were supposed to pay excess profits back to taxpayers who subsidize them when prices are low. Guess what…

* Russia gets as crazy as North Korea showing their undersea nuclear weapon to destroy UK with a 500 meter high radioactive tsunami

Segment 4 begins approximately 01:04:37

*”Ghost of Kyiv” becomes an even greater “Wag the Dog” farce. Ukrainian military admits it was an invented character even as mainstream media in the US & UK continue to embellish the legend

* Ukraine is adding to a hit list foreign government officials who refuse to allow weapon to travel through their country

Segment 5 begins approximately 01:26:16

* Will USA Give Ukraine More Than Russia’s Annual Military Budget? USA aid is getting close to Russia’s annual military budget after just a couple of months. Here’s how it compares to the rest of the countries of the world

* Adam Kinzinger wants AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) against Russia. With the “trip wires” to trigger it, it’s tantamount to a declaration of war

Segment 6 begins approximately 01:46:43

* Hong Kong Christian pastor gives amazing speech about his DUTY to stand against political oppression

* Mayor of Liverpool demands Christian message ‘God Loves You Too’ be removed from buses because it’s “hate speech”

Segment 7 begins approximately 01:57:48

INTERVIEW: Hal Shurtleff,, wins 9-0 at SCOTUS with big implications for Free Speech and Free Exercise of Religion

Segment 8 begins approximately 02:34:49

* Japanese man says he’s a “fictosexual”. How did we get completely detached from reality?

* James Dobson, Focus on the Family, lays the sexual insanity & grooming at the feet of Biden. Clearly Biden supports it. But is there something else going on?

* Ted Cruz calls for investigation into full term murders of babies in DC

* Fauci opts not to attend White House Correspondents Dinner due to “personal” decision about “risk”. Yet he hobnobs and selfies with everyone at a brunch the same day

* New peer-reviewed study shows MASKS INCREASE FATALITY RATES

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