The David Knight Show, April 4

Monday, April 4, 2022
Skousen — Preparing for ”Mad Max” Scenario; DC Protestors Expose Infanticide.

• INTERVIEW: Joel Skousen,, is nuclear war coming? Will the dollar collapse? Where to go and how to prepare for what’s coming.
• PROOF: It’s NOT “science”, it’s a con game. Fauci’s 2004 statement and his 2019 statement show he’s been knowingly lying all along.
• As religious exemptions and issues of conscience continue — THIS will answer ANY doubts about the morality/ethics of the vaccine.
• SMOKING GUN: Anti-abortion protestor arrested with bodies of 5 aborted babies is one of the most devastating examples of infanticide. Will DOJ, DC police, or FBI (who raided) do ANYTHING?
• Shanghai: will China’s over-the-top lockdown trigger worldwide reaction again?
• Iowa passes law requiring publication of what schools are teaching. Did you realize you ALWAYS have that when homeschooling? Here’s some help choosing between curricula and financial help for homeschooling
• Food prices go VERTICAL in Germany — jumping 20% to 50% today.

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