The David Knight Show, April 19

Biden/CDC/TSA Appear to Cave on Masks But It’s Far From Over.
Tuesday, April 19th, 2022

* Members of Congress are pushing for US direct involvement in Ukraine.
* Captured UK soldiers in televised plea for prisoner exchange.
* Austrian Chancellor says Putin thinks he’s winning as Mariupol surrounded.
* Biden admin fought for OSHA mandates AFTER Supreme Court ruled against them. So why did Biden/CDC/TSA cave so quickly after one judge’s decision on masks? What are the implications beyond plane travel?
* Shanghai lockdown is already creating massive repercussions for global supply chains.
* BigPharma hawks a “cure” for heart damage — mRNA jabs!
* Large majority of Americans believe Biden is owned by the Chinese — even a substantial percentage of Democrats.
* Biden gets rolled by Easter Bunny.
* Stacy Abrams gets fabulously wealthy — with politics.

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