The David Knight Show, April 18

Why Do We Have Income Taxes If Deficits Don’t Matter.
Monday, April 18th, 2022

* INCOME TAXES? If deficits don’t matter (as the MMT people say) then why are they not stopping income taxes?
* China’s new lockdowns are insane even for an authoritarian dictatorship. What are the likely domestic & international reasons they’re doing it?
* Infowars declares bankruptcy to buy time from creditors after lawsuit alleging $18 MILLION shuffled off to shell corporations owned by Alex Jones. Will it work?
* 756,000 people have illegally crossed border under Biden. How many has Gov Abbott bussed to Washington, DC?
* FOR SALE: Committee are literally for sale in Congress. The GOP (and DNC) have a price list as shared by 2 in Congress.
* Artur Pawłowski released from solitary 51 days of brutal solitary confinement.
* Playwright & screenwriter David Mamet on the “American Occupation” government.

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