The David Knight Show ~ 7/29/22

WARNING: Gates Invest in A/C Tech

The July 29th Show [Duration 3:02:46]
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• Trump wants death penalty for “drug dealers”? What about “drug pushers” like Fauci (and Trump)?
• Judge with a Grudge: Dr. Simone Gold says the judge who gave her a draconian sentence had asked her out in college — and she turned him down.
• INTERVIEW: Sleepwalking into War is in Vogue. Gerald Celente,, on markets, militaries and public apathy.

• “Inflation Reduction Act” is what Democrats label it. But even their friendly press says its the biggest “climate” bill ever proposed — 3/4 of a trillion in crony corruption to “save the earth”.
• Just as govt says refrigerants are no longer “safe” for environment, Gates invests in new air conditioning tech that will likely be mandated
• Democrats will “reduce inflation” by spending $750 Billion on climate, about a third to be paid for by “negotiating” drug prices with BigPharma, as if that’ll ever happen.
• More evidence of toxic Trump shots sparking a worldwide drop in live births
• 15% of those who got Trump injections say they were diagnosed with new adverse health conditions afterwards.
• CNN worries “red states” are building a nation within a nation. It’s called the 10th Amendment
• J6er on the ruthless violence of Capitol Police that goes unexamined.
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Jan th6 Clip Shows Entrapment by Police.
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