The David Knight Show ~ 7/22/22

Unholy Trinity: How UN, WEF, Billionaires Merged and Operate.

The Host, David Knight with my Analysis & Reports of the News. • Biden Boosted, Busted exactly 1 year to the day after calling it a pandemic of the unjabbed. Now hawking Paxlovid.
• US Army’s #2 says we’re “post Covid” but they continue to push people out for not getting jabbed and complain about inability to fill vacancies.
• Conservative press quick to troll Biden, but still apologists for “miracle” jabs.
• CA bill to take children away from parents if they oppose gender grooming by schools.
• One arrest per day for first half of 2022: Pedophile explosion with school teachers & staff.
• THIS is why we don’t eat bugs. There’s more than “protein” in them.
• YouTube will now censor and remove pro-life videos as Whitmer removes state support for adoption.
• NATO takes over US Navy?
• US begins training Ukrainians pilots to fly modern US jets.
• How the UN, WEF, and billionaires have merged and why they’ve structured the GreatReset takeover this way.
The Fri. July 22nd Edition [Duration 3:01:49]

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