The 4 Secrets of Network and Online Marketing

Man when I first got started in Network and Online Marketing, I thought there was a hidden secret that no one was telling me. Well I am going to help you out today. Here are the 4 secrets of network and online marketing.

I wish I could say these were all my ideas but here is what the top income earners kept telling me.

1. Invest in yourself. Read  or listen to an audio every day. (Now how the heck is that going to help you become successful?)

2. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself.  Quit saying negative things. Start saying positive things. Use affirmations to tell yourself how good you are and how successful you are going to be.

3. Develop and understand your “Why.” Once you know your “why” you will learn the “how.”

4. Develop a step by step business plan. And then work that plan until you make it.

Now all that might sound stupid but … let me tell you what happened to me.

As I read and listened everyday I learned that what was happening to me in my journey happened to others. They heard the same excuses. Ran into the same challenges. They felt like quitting just like I did. Everyone told them they weren’t going to make it and they should stop. All of this made me realize if they did it so could I. I just had to keep following my plan.

I found myself saying positive things to myself. I found myself believing it can work. It didn’t matter if someone said no or if my online marketing wasn’t working as planned. I was going to make it.

I made a vision board and started journaling. I wrote down my goals, my dreams and my “why.” I looked at my vision board and read my affirmations twice a day. When I got up and right before I went to bed.

I became bound and determined to let nobody get in my way.

And guess what? It started working. I started becoming more creative. I became more inspiring. And I started having more fun.

I really started believing in myself. I had always heard of people going on 90 day blitzes and to tell you the truth they never worked for me. But now…I started mapping out 90 day action plans. Setting a goal of where I wanted to be in 90 days.

With that 90 day plan, I started working backwards. What did I have to do each month? Each week? And even what were my action plans going to be each day?

This might sound weird but just taking little actions steps each day made me feel successful. I was doing something everyday to reach my goal. No matter how small or how insignificant the action steps were, I was doing something to make me successful.

Tell me, what do you think would happen for you if you could incorporate these 4 little steps into your business?

What do you think might happen for you if you incorporate these four simple strategies into your business?

Do you think it’s possible that these might actually help you become successful? What if it works for you like it has for so many others?

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