The Silent War ~ Episode 6322.

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“CBDC’s By July: IRS & Gov. Preparing Trigger. WHO and UFOs”.
In this episode of The Silent War:
• Supreme Court: IRS Can Obtain Bank Records Of 3rd Parties Not Under Investigation.
• Croatian EU Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakusic Publicly Declares WHO a TERRORIST Organization.
• Biden to end familial DNA testing at border, key deterrent to fraud and child trafficking.
• 50 Marines Spot Triangular UFO As Big As Football Field.
• New York Democrats Vote to GIVE THE STATE FREE REIN OVER MINOR CHILDREN: NYS Assembly So-Called “Health Committee” Votes YES to Allow Minors to TAKE DRUGS with NO PARENTAL CONSENT! MUST-SEE VIDEO of Furious Parents Telling off POLITICAL HACKS at Hearing!
• Fednow To be Forced on us By July? False Flag Internet Darkness and Satellite Phones for Senators? Warning Signs.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 12:42]
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