The Silent War ~ Episode 6315.

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B. Gates’ Child Sexwork, WHO: “Huge Biological Risk”, Biden’s Child Victim: 8yo Raped 72+ Times
In this episode of The Silent War:
• “I feed my daughter crickets for protein — it saves hundreds on grocery bills”.
• FDA: Vaccines Don’t Have To Prevent Infection Or Transmission.
• Explosive New Study Finds Face Masks May Increase Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, Cognitive Decline — In Kids.
• WHO Cites “Huge Biological Risk” As Sudan Fighters Seize Lab Containing Deadly Pathogens.
• Bill Gates Wants 10-Year-Olds to Learn About ‘Commercial Sex Work’.
• Report: DeSantis Broke Florida Law, Allies Rush to Hide His Taxpayer Spending from the Public.
• ‘People Need to Accept They Are Poorer, Says Central Bank Economist’.
• Trading of First Republic Bank Stock Halts After Share Price Plunges… US Government to Seize?
• Fed Chair Jerome Powell held a call with Russian pranksters who were posing as Ukraine’s Zelenskiy.
• In the call, Powell said that a US recession is likely: “This is what it takes to get inflation down.”
• THE BIDEN LEGACY: HHS Whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas Tells Congress Biden Administration Is “Middleman” in Multi-Billion Dollar Migrant Child Trafficking Operation.
• One of these 8 yo child migrants was recently found with the semen of 72 different men.
• UK Confirms Depleted Uranium Munitions Being Used Against Russians In Ukraine.
• The Proud Boys Case Goes To Jury.
• Ron DeSantis Flies To Israel To Destroy Free Speech In Florida.
• MY Florida sheriff is on the warpath against neo-Nazi ‘scumbags’ – including me.
• The Goyim Defense League at is why they are so afraid and passing these laws in FL. I’ll introduce you to them here.
• Brazil bans Telegram over “neo-Nazi” data.
• Now They’re Trying Censor Your Text Messages.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 14:48]
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