The Silent War ~ Episode 6313.

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Congress & DOJ Target Journalists, Protesters & Members with Arrest. Exec. Order.
In this episode of The Silent War:
• House Democrat Threatens Twitter Files Journalist With Prosecution And Imprisonment.
• Controversial mRNA Technology Now Targeting Livestock.
• It Begins: DOJ Arrests 4 Black Leftists for Spreading Pro-Russia “Propaganda” in Memes, Articles and Speeches.
• “Racism is a Fundamental Driver of Environmental Injustice” – Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Requiring All Federal Agencies to Prioritize “Environmental Justice” and Trashes “MAGA Republicans” During Speech.
• Mainstream Media Celebrates FOX News Settlement with Dominion Voting Machines.
• People Are Being Arrested for Carrying Tiki Torches in Charlottesville ‘With the Intent to Intimidate’ — Six Years After it Happened.
• US Compensates People Injured by COVID-19 Vaccines for First Time.
• Disneyland Welcomes Children Of All Ages To Gay And Transgender ‘Pride Nite.’
• Louisville Shooter’s Manifesto Details His Intent To Push Gun Control.
• Silver Demand Set Records In Every Category In 2022.
• Controversial Konnech Company Dismisses ALL CHARGES Against Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips Links to China Exposed – True the Vote Evaluates Options to Hold Company Accountable.
• Supreme Court Protects Access to Abortion Pill.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 9:43]
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