The Silent War ~ Episode 6310.

100% Real News
The End is Nigh. Brics Gold Money, Vaccine Tumor Meat, Bankruns. They’re Coming.
In this episode of The Silent War:
• A brief news update during this holiday season (Jesus centric Passover and the Pagan Easter that replaced it).
• From King of Beers to Genderqueers, Budweiser’s marketing strategy has gone from “Real Men of Genius” to Women with a penis.
• “mRNA” milk.
• Vaccine bug burgers.
• Gold backed Brics currency to compete with our dollar. bankruns.
• Massive trove of classified documents display US aggression plans.
• Former Israeli PM Admits to having Stolen US Nukes.
• Lab Grown Vaccine Tumors to be sold as Meat.
• And the big distraction – Trumps neverending arrest story.
• They are coming for you and your children, with proof.
• Soros in the Whitehouse.
• Who rules the world?
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 49:28]
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