3B) Survival Nutrition – Chapter 2

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Survival Nutrition by Mike Adams – Chapter Two
“Nutrition Myths”
Welcome to Chapter 2 of Survival Nutrition.
I’m your host, Mike Adams. If you haven’t yet downloaded the PDF to this course, get them at SurvivalNutrition.com. And be sure to check out my other course, Global Reset Survival Guide. Download the nine-hour audiobook for free at GlobalReset.news.
In this chapter, we’re going to talk about the myths of nutrition, and why everything that you know about nutrition or everything you think you know might be wrong in the context of survival. We’ll start with the basics here. A lot of people, they like to buy foods that keep them slim and fit and trim. They’ll go to the grocery store and look for foods that claim to be, for example, “fat free.”
Now, I’m a food scientist, and I’m a nutritionist, and so on. People shopping for fat-free foods are probably – I hate to be cruel, but they’re probably – very fat themselves. They’re probably not very healthy. Healthy people don’t look for fat-free foods. Healthy people look for healthy fats.
I drink blended avocados every day for over 15 years now, that’s my breakfast. I should give you the recipe. I know it sounds kind of gross, but let me just tell you, it’s delicious. You take a fresh avocado, maybe a frozen large banana, some coconut water and a little bit of whey protein. You put in some cacao powder to give it kind of a chocolatey taste, some flax seeds and whatever else you think you want to put in there that’s going to go with a creamy, chocolatey type of milkshake taste. You blend all that together. If you use frozen bananas like I do, then you get kind of like a delicious, smooth, fat-filled but sweet kind of chocolate smoothie, like a chocolate shake. It’s the most amazing thing in the world. That’s why I’ve been drinking it for 15 years.
You can put coconut water in it or just use regular water. You could put almond milk in it or not. You can switch it up, and it’ll still be incredibly healthy. This has been my breakfast for probably more than 15 years at this point. Oh, I also put turmeric in it, so it looks orange, kind of mustardy. That freaks people out. They’re like, “What are you drinking? Shrek’s breakfast?” “What is that stuff? Are you having like a honey mustard chug-a-lug?” “What? What are you doing?” People just get totally flipped out. It does taste weird if you overdo the turmeric powder. At first, you kind of have to acquire that taste.
I like my breakfast to be, number one, super delicious and secondly, really, really healthy. Most importantly, it needs to provide nutrients that are going to keep me running and my brain working. It needs to keep my body working throughout the day because, you know, I’m lifting weights, six days a week. I’m doing cardio exercise and I’m using my brain. I’m doing podcasts and articles and videos, writing every day, doing research and managing my business, and so on. It’s very demanding.
I’m not one of those people who only sleep four hours a night. No. I like to have a full eight hours of sleep, thank you very much. I’m not into sleep deprivation. I got to get all this stuff done in 16 hours every day. How do I do it? Well, number one, I don’t watch television. I don’t waste time socializing with people. I do consider that a waste of most of the time. I have good nutrition that keeps me at peak performance throughout the day.
I also take a lot of supplements. What supplements do I take? Well, loads of vitamin C, some zinc, some resveratrol, CoQ10, pycnogenol, vitamin K2, grape seed extract, probiotics, nattokinase, plenty of vitamin D, and so on. I take different food concentrates, like quercetin.
I take a lot of supplements and different herbs, keeps me in peak performance, whereas the average American is out there shopping for food that says fat-free or sugar-free. Just to decode this for you, fat-free means it’s loaded with sugar, and sugar-free means it’s loaded with artificial sweetener chemicals. That’s all it means! Sugar-free means it’s loaded with cancer-causing chemicals; fat-free means it’s loaded with sugar.
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