7/22/22 The Stew Peters Show

Doctor Finds Graphene in Blood.
Guest: Dr. Jane Ruby.

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• Doc Finds Graphene in Blood, Pandemic Treaty Moves Forward, Quadruple Vaxxed Biden Gets Covid. Dr. Jane Ruby joins to expose the TRUE agenda of BigPharma: Genocide.
• Deanna Lorraine joins to discuss the political theater of COVID & how the Globalists are brainwashing the public into ‘Believing’ it!
• James Broguski joins to talk about the overreach of power that the world health organization constantly tries to conduct!
• Wendy Rogers has proven time and time again to be an America first patriot, Who will do what is right even when nobody else is!
• She joins to speak up about the corruption within the republican party, and how we fight back!

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The July 22nd Full Show [Duration 56:45]

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