The Silent War ~ Episode 6210

Abortion Blocked, Foodflation, Food shortage. UFOs, and Election Fraud Updates.

• In this episode of The Silent War:
• BREAKING: US Senate Blocks Democrat Abortion Bill.
• Wholesale inflation rose 11% in April as producer prices keep accelerating.
• Illegal migrants first to get ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula.
• Congress to Hold First Open Hearing About UFOs in 50 Years.
• US Democrats use Ukraine biolab profits for campaign funding – Russia.
• $350 Million in Secret Payments to Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH.
• Voting Systems Used Across the Country Have Functionality to Create Ballots and Fill Them Out – Why Are They Allowed?
• Democrat County Supervisor in Virginia Indicted on 82 Counts of Voter Fraud Related to Ballot Harvesting.
• Whistleblowers Reveal FBI Investigated Parents Who Spoke at School Board Meetings as Domestic Terrorists Despite Garland’s Testimony.
• Tyrannical Government of Canada Will Pay to Euthanize Those Who Are “Too Poor to Continue Living With Dignity” (Video).
• “There’s a Number of VERY Troubling Things Happening at the FBI”: Whistleblower Leaks Documents to Project Veritas Showing Agency is Targeting News Organizations With Criminal Investigations. (Video)
• All of this, and more.
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“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 30:50]

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