The Silent War ~ Episode 6208

“We Are at War with Russia” Dem Regime War On U.S. Citizens..

• In this episode of The Silent War:
• World’s Largest Fertilizer Company Warns Crop Nutrient Disruptions Through 2023.
• Attorney General Merrick Garland Unveils New “Office of Environmental Justice” to Advance Biden’s Climate Agenda.
• They Better Be Or They’re Gonna Be Out of Here!” – Biden Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy Threatens Airlines to Follow New Sustainable Energy Rules or Face Destruction.
• “This is Beyond Shocking” – American Frontline Doctors on FDA Approval of Failed Ebola Drug Remdesivir By the FDA for “Treatment” of Covid-19 in Babies.
• They’re Going to Get Us All Killed: Biden Regime Helped Ukraine Sink Russian Ship the Moskva – Then Leaked it to Warmongers in Liberal Media.
• “Yeah, I’m Smart”: Dr. Oz Repeatedly Booed At MAGA Rally Over Abortion Flip-Flop.
• Poor Rail Service Threatens US Economy, Shippers Tell Federal Regulators.
• States Sue Biden Administration For ‘Pressuring And Colluding’ With Big Tech To Censor Free Speech.
• Fake News CNN Warns the Far Right Is Calling for Violence Following Leaked Roe v. Wade Decision… Is Chris Wray’s FBI Plotting Again?
• Pro-Abortion Protesters March on Homes of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and Chief Justice Roberts.
• “At the End of the Day, We are at War… We Are at War with Russia” Democrat Lawmaker Confirms Biden Regime Has Entered a War with Nuclear-Armed Russia.
• The FDA Finally Admits that COVID-19 Should Be Treated Like the Flu.
• Local News Reporting “Empty Shelves” At Food Banks — Is It Time To Prepare?.
• All of this, and more.
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“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 23:02]

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