The Silent War ~ Episode 6207

Hypocrisy, Demonization, & Indoctrination: Culture Clash.

• In this episode of The Silent War:
• Joe Biden: “This MAGA Crowd is Really the Most Extreme Political Organization That’s Existed in American History”.
• German Study: Number of Those Suffering Severe Complications After Taking COVID Vaccine Is 40 Times Higher Than Previously Recorded.
• Elon Musk Outs Media Matters as Source of Threats to Twitter Advertisers.
• Textbook Companies Cave to DeSantis, Remove Critical Race Theory and Other Woke Content From Their Materials.
• 10 More States Report Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreaks in Children.
• Counter to Planned Starvation? Invasive Edible Weeds.
• Aliens ?
• All of this, and more.
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“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 15:30]

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