The Silent War ~ Episode 6196

Food Chain Sabotage, Moderna Recalls Poison, Putin, DyingDisney & Ghost Guns..

In this episode of The Silent War:
Moderna Recalls 764,900 COVID-19 Vaccine Doses After Contamination Found.
Bird Flu Spreads Across US, Egg Prices Soar.
Putin Says Ukraine Talks At “Dead End”, Warns Soaring Inflation Will Put Pressure On Western Politicians.
Bizarre ISIS-Style Propaganda Video Shows Ukrainian Woman Mock-Executing Russian Soldier.
INCREDIBLE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Capitol Police ALLOW Protesters to Enter Side Door – WILL BE USED IN COURT – “Dream Team” of Lawyers Including Alan Dershowitz Set to Defend January 6’ers.
Is Deep State Behind Efforts to Release Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Pics to Use Against Those Who Reported Honestly on the Laptop from Hell?
Biden on Gun Violence: “Imagine Had the Tobacco Industry Been Immune to Prostitute Being Sued – Come On!” (VIDEO).
SOROS-FUNDED CIRCUIT ATTORNEY WALKS! Kim Gardner Faces NO CONSEQUENCES After She Admits to Wrongdoing in Greitens Case — Records Show 62 Acts of Misconduct.
Disneys’ stock is tanking over 70% +, massive drops in viewers and disney plus subscriptions – and people won’t forget.
MARINES AGAINST VACCINES: US Marines Speak Out About Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Which Are Forced Upon Our Good Soldiers.
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All of this, and more.

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