The Silent War ~ Episode 6193

OUT THE CABAL, Infanticide & Culture/Sin War. Famine & Death Next.

In this episode of The Silent War:
Biden Administration Stops Shipments of a COVID-19 Treatment to All States.
Protesters Gathered in Front of Disney HQ in Burbank, California.
-The protesters chanted, “Boycott Disney!” in response to a leaked Zoom call showing Disney executives openly admitting they add sexual content to shows to groom children.
“We Need to Out These People… They’re EVERYWHERE”: Dr. Malone Says it’s Time to Start “Doxing” The World Economic Forum’s Globalist Cabal – “Let’s Go Get Them”.
Arizona Attorney General Releases Maricopa County 2020 Election Interim Report – Individuals To Be Prosecuted For Election Fraud.
Texas Teacher Claims 20 Fourth Graders Out Of 32 Students Identify As LGBTQ.
Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra Says He Supports HHS Funding Being Used For Sex Reassignment Surgeries on Minors.
Colorado Governor Jared Polis Signs Bill to Legalize Abortion Up Until Birth Without Government Interference.
Hunter Biden ‘Laptop From Hell’ Whistleblower Reveals 450 Gigabytes of DELETED Material Will Be Released Soon – Including Over 80,000 NEVER BEFORE SEEN Images and Videos.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Says He Will Bus Illegal Immigrants Dumped in Florida to Biden’s Home State of Delaware.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott Announces He Will Use Charter Buses to Send Illegal Immigrants to Washington D.C.
Leaked DHS Document Says US Plans to Offer ‘Broadscale Release Mechanisms’ for Illegal Aliens.
French foreign minister warns of global famine.
Viral “Russian Mobile Crematorium” Tweet Is From An 8-Year-Old YouTube Video.
All of this, and more.

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