The Silent War ~ Episode 6192

Medically Kidnapped Captain! Major Updates, Stolen Children. War.

In this episode of The Silent War:
“I Have No Idea What’s Going On” – Shanghai Officials Separate COVID-Positive Children From Parents As Outbreak Worsens.
EXCLUSIVE: DEMOCRATS IMPLICATED — Georgia Ballot Traffickers Were Using Democrat Officials’ Offices as Stopping Points During Ballot Drop Runs.
US Army Reduces Its Numbers as It Struggles to Find Recruits Who Want to Enter Military Under Joe Biden.
NYC Top Health Official Faces Backlash After Labeling White Women “Birthing People” but Calls Black and Hispanic Women “Mothers”.
“Ban Ghost Guns – Ban Assault Weapons” – Joe Biden Calls For Gun Control After Sacramento Mass Shooting Outside Bar.
HUGE: GOP Officials in More than Half the Wisconsin Counties Are Calling for the Decertification of the State’s 2020 Election Results.
Mask-Wearing Has Left A Generation Of Toddlers Struggling With Speech And Social Skills.
Federal Judge Blocks Air Force on Giving Punishment for Members Who Refused to Take Covid-19 Vaccines.
Army Captain Placed in Mental Hospital for Accusing Commanding General Patrick Donahoe of Pushing Illegal Vaccine.
An Organized Crime Perpetrated on Americans – Experts Claim in Testimony At Least 4.8 Million Ballots Trafficked in the 2020 Election (VIDEO).
DISNEY CRUISE SHIP Employee Caught On Camera Molesting 11-Yr-Old Girl In Elevator…Disney Security Guard Investigating Sexual Assault Told “Keep your mouth shut!”…Disney Reportedly Flew Accused Molester Back To India.
Ukraine Unlikely to Take Back Crimea–Donbass Corridor Through Military Means: Zelensky.
All of this, and more.

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