The Silent War ~ Episode 6190

Darth Schwab’s NWO Food Shortages, Ukraine Biowar With Drones!?

In this episode of The Silent War:
House GOP Investigating Twitter And Facebook For Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story.
Biden Admin To End Title 42 Immigration Policy, CBP Source Fears “Emergency” At Border.
School Nurse Suspended For Revealing Connecticut Public School Was Secretly Giving Children Puberty Blockers Behind Their Parents’ Backs.
Italy Ends Covid-19 State of Emergency After Two Years of Authoritarian Rule.
Inspector General Says Post Office Used iCOP Surveillance Program to Illegally Spy on Social Media Users.
New Russian Claims: Kiev Wanted to Use Drones to Deliver Bioweapons to Donbass.
WEF’s Klaus Schwab Warns “Global Energy Systems, Food Systems and Supply Chains will Be Deeply Affected”.
The Ukraine ‘aid’ bill that’s actually a license to kill and defraud
All of this, and more.

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