The Silent War ~ Episode 6184

Dems WANT War, SCOTUS Pick Defends Kidporn, 1Million Vaxxed Dead.

In this episode of The Silent War:
Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Says She ‘Can’t’ Define What A Woman Is “I Can’t, I’m Not a Biologist”.
We Cover The Fallen Origins of Transgenderism & Androgynous Edification.
The EU Approves Implementation of Rapid Response Military Force to Be Used During Times of Crisis.
Russia forces unfriendly nations to buy oil in Rubles.
Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov says Russia Will Use Nuclear Weapons If Faced with Existential Threat.
The US officially declares Putin a war criminal, close to an act of War.
Ignored by Fake News Media: US COVID Deaths to Pass 1 Million Mark Today — More than 600,000 Deaths Under Joe Biden – 90% of them from the vaccine!
Far Left BuzzFeed’s News Operation Is Losing $10 Million a Year – Shareholders Want a Change.
Ted Cruz GRILLS Ketanji Jackson Over Her Leniency For Sexual Predators – Jackson Cut Recommended Sentences by Nearly HALF in 100% of Child Porn Cases.
Israel Is Arming Neo-Nazi Group in Ukraine – and why Israel has double standards here, while normally pretending to oppose Nazi’s.
It all goes back to the Seed War.
Tornado Damage In New Orleans; 1000s Without Power.
Sarah Lawrence Sex Cult Prostitution Client List Accidentally Leaks, Includes Hedge Fund Manager, Judge, Other NYC Elites.
Biden DOJ Spied on Project Veritas Journalists with Sealed Search Warrants – Then Concealed Communications from Federal Judge.
Mike Lindell has a breakthrough in election fraud evidence!
All of this, and more.

Unedited, Uncensored, & Unfiltered.
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