The Silent War ~ Episode 6179

World Investigates US Bio Labs. Stealth Gun Control. FBI Whistleblower!

In this episode of The Silent War:
Russia, China, Brazil, India Call for Investigation Into US Biolabs in Ukraine Representing About Half of the World’s Population.
Putin To Send Fighters From Middle East To Ukraine.
Massive propaganda and media mockups of war coming out of Ukraine, one man went there and found out for himself.
WHO Told Ukraine To Destroy ‘High-Threat Pathogens’ In Labs To Prevent Disease Spread.
Russia Calls For UN Security Council Meeting Over “Biological Activities” In Ukraine.
Russia sanctions hit physical gold and silver supply.
Creepy Joe Biden Whispers into Microphone About Blowing Up the Russian Stock Market.
Russian Orthodox Priest Celebrates Big Tech’s Boycott Of Russia: “I Never Want To See Women With Mustaches”.
Proposed Maryland Law Could Allow Babies to be Killed within 28 Days of Birth.
Parachuting 3 inch Spiders To Invade East Coast, Study Finds.
Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Far-Left ‘Security Guard’ Matthew Dolloff in Shooting Death of Trump Supporter in Denver.
DuckDuckGo now Down-Ranks Conservative Content.
Democrat Spending Bill Contains ‘Serious Expansion of Federal Gun Control’: Gun Rights Group.
US Consulate In Iraq Hit By “Multiple Missiles”, Iran Launch Suspected.
BREAKING: FBI Whistle-Blower Steps Forward to Reveal Secrets on DC Pipe Bombs to Jim Jordan – FBI Is Withholding Information
Two Years After His Death California Authorities Rule Phil Haney’s Death a Suicide – But Friends and Associates Still Have Doubts.
All of this, and more.

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