The Silent War ~ Episode 6306

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Gov: “Banking System Remains Sound.” WW3 v China & Russia. Dollar Death.
In this episode of The Silent War:
• Yellen Tries To Reassure World That “The US Banking System Remains Sound.”
• Biden Issues First Veto to Defend ESG Rule That Authorizes Asset Managers to Prioritize Funding Political Agendas.
• Ron Desantis suddenly pro Ukraine War, Then Uses John McCain Gasoline Line to Insult Russians.
• JPM: “$1.1 Trillion Has Exited The Most Vulnerable Banks.”
• Governments and Central Banks Hoarding Gold for Collapse.
• NATO member admits it has exhausted all means of arming Ukraine.
• Not ESG-Friendly: Insurers Junk Entire EVs For Minor Accidents.
• Oregon Teacher Caught Asking Students To Describe Their Sexual Fantasies In Short Stories.
• 85% Of Trump Supporters Think Protesting Against Arrest Is A Jan6-Style Trap.
• Putin To Xi: “We Support Chinese Yuan Use With Asia, Africa, Latin America.”
• The Fed Proposes A 4th Function Of Money: Means Of Social Control.
• Dr. Peter McCullough Highlights The Safety Of Natto In Potentially Counteracting Spike Protein Damage.
• Trump New York Grand Jury Wednesday Session Canceled After Bombshell Report that DA Bragg Withheld Evidence from Jury.
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“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 23:27]
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