The Silent War ~ Episode 6303

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In this episode of The Silent War:
• Pentagon UFO chief says alien mothership is in our solar system possible – Is The Prophesied Return of the Watchers Imminent?
• Dead Sea Scrolls – Prophecies of Aliens Censored From Modern Bibles.
• China pummeled by ‘rain of worms’ as residents asked to carry umbrellas.
• Russia issues latest report on US-funded biolabs in Ukraine.
• Kidney Removal From Chinese Infants Rings Alarm on CCP’s Organ ‘Production Machine,’ Expert Warns.
• Fake Meat Dangers With Dr. Joseph Mercola.
• BANK RUNS! ALERT – Crypto-friendly Signature Bank shut down by regulators after collapses of SVB, Silvergate.
• Credit Suisse Shares Tumble to a New Record Low After Collapse of SVB and Signature Bank.
• Here We Go… First Republic Bank Plunges 66% in Pre-Market – Western Alliance Bank Down 62% – Customers Line Up in California!
• Democrats Already Asking Federal Government to Censor Information Social Media That Could Lead to Run on the Banks.
• Silicon Valley Bank Provided Massive Amounts of Capital to Chinese Tech Ventures – Now Biden FDIC and Federal Reverse Are Bailing It Out – Clearly Biden Is Working for China.
• More Silicon Valley Bank Fallout – Goldman Sachs Backed CIRCLE’s Stable Coin ‘USDC’ No Longer Pegged to Dollar – Conversion to Dollars Halted.
• Heartbreaking Video of Young Children Devastated After Being Denied Visitation Day With J6 Political Prisoner Father.
• Shelter in Place Order for Hazardous Material Incident in Lancaster City, PA.
• Six More Powerhouse Journalists Leave Project Veritas News Organization.
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“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 19:03]
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