The Silent War ~ Episode 6298

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In this episode of The Silent War:
• Deadliest Israeli Attack On Damascus In Years As Country Reels From Earthquake.
• Kevin McCarthy Gives Tucker Carlson 41,000 Hours Of Jan. 6 Footage.
• Biden Admin Negotiates Deal To Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies.
• The European Commission’s decision to sue Poland over its constitutional court rulings is making the European Court of Justice a de facto Supreme Court of Europe…
• British Taxpayer-Funded Anti-Extremist Study Finds Shakespeare, Orwell, Tolkien “Key Texts” For “White Supremacists”.
• Demagogue George Soros has a dementia like meltdown on Climate Change at Munich Security Conference.
• Huge fire triggered by a reported explosion has broken out in the industrial zone of Medley, Florida.
• Explosion Rocks Ohio Metal Plant, Sending Large Plume Of Black Smoke Into Sky.
• ANOTHER TRAIN DERAILMENT: Hazmat Team Dispatched Following a Union Pacific Coal Train Derailment in Nebraska.
• East Palestine, Ohio Residents Break Out in Rashes, Report on Headaches After Toxic Chemical Explosion – Imagine That!
• James O’Keefe After Being Stripped of His Position as CEO of Project Veritas: “If You’re Wondering What’s Next, Stay Tuned”.
• Biden Confesses Nord Stream Terror Attack Again in Warsaw: “We Mobilized to Reduce Dependence on Russian Energy”.
• Zelenskyy Threatens World War III If China Allies With Russia.
• China Says Ready To “Join Forces With Russia” To “Defend National Interests” As Putin Confirms Xi Visit.
• Putin Suspends New START Nuclear Treaty, Puts Missiles On Combat Readiness.
• Putin accuses NATO of direct involvement in attacks on Russia Rationing has already begun.
• Florida to Become 26th Permitless-carry State.
• The University of Central Florida has adopted radical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programming that segregates students by race, condemns the United States as “white-supremacist culture,” and encourages active discrimination against the “oppressor” class, characterized as “male, White, heterosexual, able-bodied, and Christian.”
• Supreme Court Lets State’s Rules Against Boycotting Israel Stand In Blow To The ACLU.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 22:59]
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