The Silent War ~ Episode 6265

US Troops To Ukraine! Pelosi’s Gay Lovers Spat With Prostitute? Biden’s Brazil.
In this episode of The Silent War:
• War:Elon Musk tweets Hillary Clinton to suggest Paul Pelosi’s attacker was GAY PROSTITUTE speaker’s husband met during drunken night out in San Francisco: Cops say attacker arrived with bag of zip ties.
• Justice Department Files Federal Criminal Charges Against David DePape – Allows Government to Control and Hide Evidence – And Selectively Leak.
• FOX News Affiliate Forced to Retract Report that Pelosi and DePape were Found in their Underwear – Another Pelosi Wrap-Up Smear?
• David DePape’s Neighbor Speaks to Media – Portray him as drug addicted nudist leftist.
• Pentagon Confirms US Boots Are On The Ground In Ukraine.
• “They Are Going To Frame Me”: 29-Year-Old Stablecoin Innovator Found Dead After Tweeting About “CIA And Mossad Pedo Elite.”
• US Marshals Take Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips Into Custody for Not Revealing Their Source in Konnech Scandal.
• Team Biden Bragged about RIGGING Brazil Election Against President Bolsonaro Before Election Day says Stop the Steal Leader Ali Alexander.
• Project Veritas: NYPD Whistleblower: NYC Mayor Adams Ignores State Supreme Court’s Order to Reinstate Unvaccinated Officers.
• All of this, and more.
“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 16:01]
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