The Silent War ~ Episode 6238

Jihadi US Schools, Trans Movies, ArmyDrain, ClimateEO Endgame.

In this episode of The Silent War:
• Mexican President Intervenes With Biden, Renews Asylum Offer For Julian Assange.
• Under the Guise of ‘Learning English,’ Boston High School Teaches Newly-Immigrated Students That Physical Violence and Political Assassinations Are a Legitimate Form of “Resisting Oppression.”
• CIA Director Issues Warning to Agency After ‘Noose’ Found Near CIA Facility in Virginia.
• Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake On Stage CALLS OUT Pence-Endorsed RINO Primary Opponent For “Duping THOUSANDS Of People Out Of Money” – She Was The Very Next Speaker.
• Taliban Forces, Teeming with US Weapons, Unite to Take Out Pakistani Government – A Country on the Precipice of Economic Collapse.
• LGBT Characters in Nickelodeon’s Upcoming “Monster High: The Movie” Introduce Themselves Using Pronouns.
• Biden To Use Executive Powers To ‘Combat Climate Crisis’: ‘Since Congress Is Not Acting As It Should…This Is An Emergency.’
• Joe Biden to Deliver Huge Climate Change Speech to 20 People in Somerset… But He Totally Got 81 Million Votes.
• Biden Set to PURGE 27.5% of Army (Or More) Who Aren’t Fully Vaccinated Against COVID with Non-FDA Approved Vaccine.
• KANEKOA HITS PAYDIRT: Recovered Text Message Should Lead to Joe Biden’s Impeachment and Hunter Biden’s Immediate Arrest.
• NASA’s Webb Telescope Suffers “Significant Uncorrectable Damage” After Micro-Meteoroid Hit.
• All of this, and more.

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“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 24:23]

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