The Silent War ~ Episode 6233

Liberal World Order, DeathShot44X’s Myocarditis, DCPolice+BLM Entrapment.

• In this episode of The Silent War:
• Wood-burning Stoves and Firewood in Short Supply in Germany as Citizens Fear Freezing to Death Due to Gas Shortages.
• “This is the Future of the Liberal World Order and We Have to Stand Firm” – Biden Advisor When Asked What He Would Tell Americans Who Can’t Afford High Gas Prices.
• Texas Sheriff Drives 4 Illegal Aliens To International Bridge, Deports Them.
• Biden Blocks Offshore Drilling, Limiting Oil Production After Begging Oil Companies To Produce More and Attacking Gas Stations.
• Nearly 8,000 Flights Delayed On Friday As July 4th Weekend To Be Hell.
• BREAKING: Internal Memo Reveals Capitol Police Were Warned BLM from Baltimore Was Bussing in Rioters Disguised as Trump Supporters on Jan. 6.
• *Peer Reviewed* Study Finds YOUNG Moderna Jab Recipients Have a Jaw-Dropping 44X HIGHER Risk of Developing Myocarditis Than the Unvaccinated.
• All of this, and more.
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“We Are Waking People Up.” [Duration 12:05]

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