The Silent War ~ Episode 6223

Gun Control & Dem Enforcers FBI.

• In this episode of The Silent War:
• Ivanka, the Talmudist Satanist, threw her dad under the bus on election fraud.
• Canadian Attorney General Announces Citizens Do Not Have “The Absolute Right to Own Private Property.”
• House Approves Sweeping Gun Control Legislation That Bans High-Capacity Magazines, Raises ‘Assault Rifle’ Purchase Age to 21.
• FBI Raids Home of Popular MI GOP Gov Candidate Charged With MISDEMEANORS Related To Jan 6…How Many Antifa/BLM Homes Were Raided After They Threatened Trump on June 9?
• Pfizer Quietly Admits it Will NEVER Manufacture the Vaccine that was FDA Approved – Will Produce New “Tris-Sucrose Formulation” mRNA Vaccine Instead.
• Gas Prices hit $5 – It’s Cheaper To Buy Cocaine And Run Everywhere,’ Said Senator John Kennedy.
• Texas Child Abuse Investigations For Providing Sex-Change Therapies For Minors Triggers the Leftwing Freaks.
• Gullible Democrats (But then, I repeat myself) who fell for the fake news lies about Ukraine are being destroyed, captured and then sentenced to death after trial following their volunteering to serve in the Ukrainian military to kill Russians.
• Ukraine using civilians as ‘human shields’ – Russia.
• British mercenary says he was ‘duped’ into Ukraine conflict by Western media.
• All of this, and more.
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