4/27/2023 ~ Dr. Jane Ruby STAT!

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4/27/2023 ~ Dr. Jane Ruby STAT!
Dr. Jane Ruby is a medical professional and a pharmaceutical drug development expert with over 20 years of experience in regulatory processes for drug approval with the FDA and the EMA. She is also a published international health economist who has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows across America. Dr. Ruby worked on the human research studies to launch some of the most famous compounds in the world in Depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Addiction, and Cardio-pulmonary diseases.
Hosted by Dr. Jane RubyFormerly a Washington DC health economist and New Right political pundit with fascinating conservative insights and breaking news in the world of New Media, her radio and online TV Show, “Dr. Jane’s DC” she provided current views into the fascinating world of our nation’s capital and the people in it. Dr. Ruby was most recently Sr Advisor to the 2018 Stewart for U.S.Senate campaign, and an Associate Producer of newly released movie, “Hoaxed: The Media’s War on Truth.”
The April 27th Edition [Duration 29:22]
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Her book, “A Sea of New Media” illustrates the emergence of a new generation of journalists – truth tellers – the citizen journalists. From cable news to the New Media, she takes us through the transitions and features the people that are driving this new phenomenon in journalism.  As a former television host in Washington, DC she observed the transformation of the American press from mainstream conglomerates to a citizen based press.  Your camera, your smartphone, your social media capability makes you just as powerful in breaking a story as ABC, NBC, FoxNews or the New York Times. At his 2010 Tax Day Tea Party speech Andrew Breitbart told the crowd to hold their cellphones up and said, “We have a sea of New Media here to capture the lies!”
“A Sea of New Media,” is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! This book describes the great work of our citizen journalists, famous and some not yet famous, restoring the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, Freedom of the Press — and the preservation of liberty by a populace that is truthfully informed.
We are now in a Sea of New Media — and it is us.
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