4/27/2023 ~ The Jim Price Show

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The Jim Price Show Daily Update
Hosted by Jim Price
Jim is a proud father of four, and has done just a little bit of everything. From project management and High-Security Dept. of Defense Design and build to a Youth pastor, Wrestling coach, and has played for the Wichita Rugby Team. He is now picking up the microphone and Digging deeper for the truth with no spin. Bringing you all the news in local and national politics.
The Jim Price Show Daily Update.

You can catch Jim Speaking at public events, such as the Reawakening Tour and many others. He has been a leading voice in Kansas to have the Elections re-evaluated and has brought to light many of the issues and faults within our voting system. The Jim Price Show airs Monday-Friday 4-5pm CST and Saturday 7-9 PM CST. Jim talks about current issues local, national, and international.
The April 27th Edition [Duration 30:53]
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