On-Line Idea: #34. Crowdfunding consulting.

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Top 40 On-Line Business Ideas For Beginners

34. Crowdfunding consulting.

Crowdfunding has become a very popular means of financing projects. But with so many ideas fighting for attention on platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, success is far from guaranteed.

Startups need advice on how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. This is where you come in — as a digital consultant specializing in crowdfunding campaigns.

If you’ve been instrumental in crowdfunding projects in the past, you can leverage your knowledge with a consultancy business. In fact, Indiegogo has a list of recommended advisors, so you can be sure there is a demand for this service.

Explaining Crowdfunding Consultants and Their Significance in Starting a New Business.

A unique productive idea along with adequate funds to make it work are the two basic needs of every business and possessed. If you want to turn any mind-blowing business Idea into reality, arrange money which is sufficient for a long-run survival. It is seen in many cases that more than 80% of startups fail within 5 years just because of inadequate funding sources. Currently, crowdfunding is the best solution for how to make things work efficiently. Examples of the biggest business giants like Microsoft and SpaceX are full of struggle stories that work going to collapse because of the lack of funds. With an increasing number of business failures, the concept of crowdfunding has become more prevalent. If you also have a business idea and are still struggling with funds arrangement, go with the option of crowdfunding. We will explain in detail how this entire process works.

What is crowdfunding?

Can someone read the term “crowdfunding” for the first time? An obvious thing comes into mind, why would someone help you in arranging funds for business? Actually, this is a conventional way of arranging money but enhanced with better possibilities of finding sources. Usually, we seek help from family and friends while facing the need for money. In the case of crowdfunding, we can raise capital even from individual investors. Instead of money invested by a single person, a large pool of people contributes small amounts. There are some globally popular companies that provide crowdfunding consultants to assist you with a campaign for business execution or its survival. Talking about the most reliable and leading crowdfunding sources, there are two major names we can consider including:-

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Indiegogo

Apart from them, companies like GoFundMe and Patreon are also gaining the attention of investors but we still recommend the above two names for the highest success rate probability. These companies have specific criteria for arranging funds. you can visit the website to check which businesses are supported by a particular crowdfunding company. There are some amazing benefits of arranging funds through these professionals you must know.

Advantages of crowdfunding

1. Maximum possible reach

When it comes to arranging funds for business purposes, you need a substantial amount. The companies of crowdfunding for startups have a wide network spread globally to arrange funds. A business enthusiast will get the opportunity to seek help from thousands of potential investors. It is not possible through other conventional modes of fundraising.

2. Both marketing and PR on the same platform

Usually, we can easily manage to get the assistance of a digital marketing company but not effective PR management. For a newly launched business, PR plays a significant role to get market attention. Once you hire a crowdfunding agency, it becomes their accountability to successfully execute the PR and marketing campaigns. Along with fundraising, these strategies also help in improving the brand value in your projected market.

3. Concept validation

Are you going to start a business that is actually feasible according to the current market and its future? This is one of the crucial doubts you need to clarify. While seeking funds for a business idea, the crowdfunding agencies interact with numerous investors. The number of potential investors giving validation to your concept clarifies whether it is a feasible approach or not.

Not only for starting a business but crowdfunding is also beneficial to a business that is struggling for survival. Before choosing an agency, make sure that they have prior experience in executing similar campaigning with a high success rate.