The 10 ways Obama has actively sought to destroy America

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By J.D. Heyes, investigative journalist
Most Americans don’t want to believe they could elect a president who would actively seek to undermine the country and destroy many of our fundamental institutions, but after nearly seven years of onetime community organizer Barack Hussein Obama as president, millions of voters are convinced that he came to office specifically with an agenda to take the United States down several notches.
1. Obamacare. American consumers hate it and would like to see it repealed, but that isn’t resonating with a tone-deaf, ideologically driven president.
2. Unlimited immigration. Does this sound like a man who is serious about preserving the integrity of American sovereignty and culture?
3. Not serious about terrorism. Top military officials have condemned as ineffectual and rudderless?
4. Fomenting racial tension. Obama does all that he can to divide the country along racial lines, most notably by taking the very unprecedented and un-presidential step of commenting publicly on local cases that have a racial element.
5. Debt. Obama has added more than twice that amount since taking office.
6. The Constitution. Obama, Mr. “Constitutional Law Professor,” has been a bigger enemy of our founding document than any president in history.
7. Military madness. Presidents past have often used the military as a test bed of social experimentation.
8. Packing the federal courts. Obama is “packing” the Federal Court for the D.C. Circuit with activist, like-minded judges because that is the federal circuit that hears and decides legal challenges to rules and regulations issued by the federal bureaucracy. And he wants those rules to remain in place long after he is gone.
9. Permanent economic damage. Tens of billions in new costs from burdensome and expensive EPA regulations.
10. Permanent changes to society. Change the face of the country, culturally, in dangerous ways not yet identified.

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