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The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
Trump would deploy U.S. Special Forces troops in MEXICO and issue “kill lists” of cartel leaders.
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– Alternative cancer treatments and the use of a new AI language model. (0:03)
– UK Border Force glitch shuts down airport entry. (2:44)
– Boeing’s faked aircraft inspections
– Israeli intelligence infiltration on US campuses. (7:45)
– US senators threatening #ICC judges over #Netanyahu arrest warrant. (13:22)
– Zionism’s control over US government and media. (20:31)
– Russian company acquiring assets of German chemical company BASF. (32:34)
– Israel’s actions contradicting US Constitution and Bill of Rights. (40:42)
– Conservatives’ shift towards #Zionism and its impact on freedom of speech. (46:44)
– Sustainable living, homesteading, and community building. (1:21:22)
– Integrating technology and indigenous knowledge for a sustainable future. (1:28:50)
– #Bitcoin and central banks’ influence, self-custody importance. (1:38:23)
– Buying land and preparing for an uncertain future. (1:41:33)
– #Permaculture and regenerative agriculture as alternatives to conventional farming methods. (1:57:05)
– #Freedom, #censorship, and spirituality. (2:11:44)
– Building alternative systems for political autonomy, peace, prosperity, and self-sufficiency. (2:18:01)
Wednesday May 8th ~ Broadcast [Duration 2:38:17]
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