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The Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
WARNING: Now entering the accelerated COLLAPSE stage of the nation once known as “America”.
Watch the full episode to learn more: (by Secment)
– The accelerated #collapse of America. (0:03)
– Sustainable living, AI technology, and why people are moving to #Russia. (2:29)
– Boeing whistleblower deaths. (7:55)
– Israeli leaders’ calls for #genocide against Palestinian people. (12:27)
– Anti-Semitism laws and their potential impact on free speech. (21:02)
– The transformation of America from a democracy to a satanic death cult ruled by #Netanyahu. (34:58)
– #Colombia severs diplomatic ties with Israel. (42:57)
– Israeli human rights abuses and organ harvesting. (47:47)
– Challenges in sourcing clean hemp for CBD products. (56:30)
– Surviving economic collapse. (1:04:21)
– Rebuilding society after a collapse with focus on trade, law enforcement, and justice. (1:15:12)
– Forming a new society after a collapse with emphasis on gold and silver as valuable assets. (1:21:10)
– Sustainable living, #bioarchitecture, and energy harmony with guest Alosha Lynov. (1:26:59)
– Building sustainable communities with a focus on water and food. (1:45:38)
– Urban planning and sustainable living. (1:48:13)
– Designing sustainable communities using fractal geometry and #permaculture. (1:52:44)
– The unsustainability of America and potential solutions. (2:07:51)
Thursday May 2nd ~ Broadcast [Duration 2:35:05]
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