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  • “Conservative” media is furious that Trump isn’t getting credit for vaccine — OR are they pushing reluctant supporters to trust it because Trump approved of it?
  • AstraZenca, halted in 20 countries: OperationWarpSpeed funded this vaccine MORE than UK govt, MORE than Bill Gates
  • Facebook undercover video shows executive concerned about more than censorship & speech manipulation — concern for Zuckerberg’s involvement in genetic modification and artificial intelligence
  • Dangerous hallucinogenic “spirit molecule” DMT touted for psychiatric use to rewire brain – pharmakeia—literally, sorcery/witchcraft
  • As political pressure for “reparations” builds, Thomas Sowell explains slavery is NOT racism
  • California Dept of Education wants to include god of human sacrifice in multicultural curriculum
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Mark Levin brags about Trump vaccines — why?  Political pandering to MAGA or trying to sell vaccine to reluctant Republican base?
33:28 Norwegian TV commentator on vaccine: “This is war, some will die”
41:13 Trump funded AZ 13x’s MORE than UK, MORE than Gates.  Can we get our taxpayer money back?
48:43 Prison guards everywhere refusing vaccine.  IMPORTANT insights about fake pandemic and lying statistic
1:08:57 listeners write about mass vaccine hysteria
1:14:26 Biden proposes BIGGEST TAX HIKE since 1993. It will barely make a dent in the “stimulus” spending. But if deficits don’t matter, why are they taxing us at all?  If all the money went to us we should’ve gotten $42,000 each.  Won’t happen.  But we will get the bill — eventually
1:24:31 Abbott & Vice Chair of TX GOP smear Gab as anti-semitic — Laura Loomer, other Republicans and conservative Jews push back.  Most importantly, what are Abbott & GOP establishment trying to do to Gab & Free Speech
1:50:03 NC Judge Coward (literally) punishes a man for free speech, forcing him to write an essay about respect (respect for the judge) and monitor to delete negative comments — a metaphor for what has happened this last yea
1:57:36 Matthews: White people may not like it, but it’s time for reparations but Thomas Sowell debunks the idea that slavery is racism. Actually, Christians in the West were the only civilization that opposed slavery
2:18:06 California wants to teach kids to chang to Aztec god of human sacrifice.  But there’s a much deeper agenda here as new lawsuit demands abortion as a RELIGIOUS RITE. In America we kill babies for other reasons besides religion.  We remove their “fresh, not frozen” body parts and our government (Fauci’s NIH) buys the parts.
2:38:44 Listener writes about her experience with #BigPharma & FDA as a Harvard student
2:43:06 “Pharmakeia” — Sorcery, Psychology & #BigPharma. BBC pushes “spirit molecule” severe hallucinogenic DMT as psycho-therapy.
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Tuesday March 16th, 2021

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