DML News Morning Briefing, Dec 24th

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Dennis Michael
By Ryan Lynch

Today is December 24. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1.Americans reveal Christmas requests for President Biden. Many ask for his resignation
FoxNewsAmericans in Nashville shared the one thing they want from President Biden for Christmas, ranging from brokering peace to fixing the economy. But many said their Christmas wish was for the president’s resignation.

“I’d tell him to retire — now,” Ray, visiting from Pennsylvania, told Fox News.

Kathy, from Massachusetts, said: “I would hope he would resign.”

“Work harder,” another man, Tom, said.

Ryan Lynch: What is your Christmas request for Biden? I want Biden to put America first.

2.A good day to bury bad news: Biden administration sneaks out figures showing highest number of illegal border crossings EVER for November, with 233,740 intercepted – and at least another 73,000 allowed to get away
DailyMailBorder patrol officers on the southern border caught 233,740 illegal immigrants crossing over from Mexico last month.

The figure is the highest number of illegal border crossings ever recorded for November underscoring the chaos that exists even while the Title 42 pandemic border expulsion policy has been delayed.

The Department of Homeland Security announced the numbers quietly on in a Friday night data dump.

Ryan Lynch: It’s disgusting that the government intentionally drops these numbers not to be seen. You can’t hide what’s happening, but the Biden Administration will still lie about the situation at the southern border. Every month will be a new record for border crossings, especially when Title 42 is no longer in effect.

3.Airlines cancel 5,700 U.S. flights amid fierce winter storms
CNBCAirline cancellations topped 5,700 U.S. flights on Friday as massive winter storms snarled airport operations around the United States and frustrated tens of thousands of holiday travelers.

That followed nearly 2,700 canceled flights on Thursday, while just over 1,000 flights have already been canceled for Saturday, according to flight tracking website FlightAware.

Passenger railroad Amtrak has canceled dozens of trains through Christmas, disrupting holiday travel for thousands.

Ryan Lynch: I will always drive to any destination in the United States. You get to see our great country and aren’t in a tin can 30,000 feet in the air.

4.Putin tells Russian defence industry to up its game for Ukraine war
ReutersPresident Vladimir Putin on Friday told Russia’s defence industry chiefs to up their game to ensure that the Russian army quickly got all the weapons, equipment and military hardware it needed to fight in Ukraine.

Putin, who has cast Russia’s war in Ukraine as part of an historic effort to push back against what he says is excessive Western influence over global affairs, made the comments during a visit to Tula, a centre for arms manufacturing.

“The most important key task of our military-industrial complex is to provide our units and frontline forces with everything they need: weapons, equipment, ammunition, and gear in the necessary quantities and of the right quality in the shortest possible timeframes,” said Putin.

Ryan Lynch: Like a broken record, Ukraine gets money and support from the United States, making Putin escalate the conflict, resulting in public relations between the countries involved to further deteriorate. Throwing money at everything is not sustainable, especially in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, compromise is always available.

5.Fauci will ‘continue to play the media game’ long after retirement, medical critic argues
FoxNewsDr. Anthony Fauci may be retiring, but he continues to receive both attention and admiration from the mainstream media. According to Dr. Phil Magness, that might not change anytime soon.

“I imagine he is going to continue to play the media game… That seems what he likes to do is to get in front of the camera,” The American Institute for Economic Research director told Fox News Digital.

In Oct. 2020, Magness’ organization originally coordinated with the Great Barrington Declaration, an assembling of doctors, scientists and infectious disease epidemiologists that criticized Fauci’s lockdown approach to the coronavirus pandemic while promoting herd immunity and what they referred to as “focused protection.”

Fauci denounced the declaration “nonsense and very dangerous,” though lockdowns were found to have caused immense harm to people in the years following its publication.

Ryan Lynch: My Christmas wish is for Fauci to disappear completely. He’s done enough damage to our country, and we can’t afford more of his antics and lies. Also, today is Dr. Fauci’s birthday. I don’t think he deserves any cake or gifts.

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