Western civilization accelerates.

Posted: May 16th, 2022
Special Report: Prepare for shootings to INCREASE as collapse of western civilization accelerates.

Incompetent, cognitively retarded leaders are just one sign of the total FAILURE of western civilization

What we are watching is the systemic collapse of the West. There are no longer any leaders in sufficient positions of power to stave off the accelerating demise of the entire debt-based system. The food supply situation is only going to get worse, not better. Fuel prices are going to go higher, not lower. The dollar’s real value vs. food and commodities will continue to erode, not gain strength. (Oblivious financial analysts claim the dollar is “stronger” vs. other currencies, not realizing that all fiat currencies are losing value vs. real goods.) The West has lost the ability to reason. Logic no longer applies to anything, not science, medicine, journalism, elections, etc. “Journalism” is now just parroting the lies of the corporations and deep state agenda-setters. “Elections” now simply means Democrats running vote-stuffing mules to achieve whatever number of faked votes is necessary to “win.” “Science” means rigging studies, censoring data and destroying the careers of scientific whistleblowers who dare to speak out and warn the world. “Medicine” is a process whereby hospitals and doctors gain financial wealth by murdering patients for profit. “Wall Street” is a Ponzi scheme propped up by seemingly endless money printing. The “gains” are ephemeral. Pension funds and retirement funds are ghosts, and they will collapse toward zero as the house of cards collapses. Western countries like the USA manufacture almost nothing. We have virtually no domestic supply chain for steel, rare earth minerals, electronics or industrial chemicals and polymers. We are a nation that has abandoned industry and embraced “financialization,” which is the scam of creating make believe wealth by pretending to move numbers around on computer screens, creating derivatives and CDOs and “synthetic CDOs” and other incomprehensible financial instruments that ultimately produce nothing in the real world. Meanwhile, as China is stockpiling grain in anticipation of a global food shortage — and India has just banned all exports of wheat in order to feed its own people — America continues to export corn, wheat, soy, millet and other agricultural products to China, helping make sure that China won’t starve even while America’s population faces mass famine this year (and next). There is no longer anything resembling sanity or reason in America. The nation has lost its mind, and the oblivious masses are getting angry enough to start shooting each other with greater frequency. This should come as no surprise.

You are living in a “kill zone” of infant murder, insanity and violence

That’s why you’re going to see a lot more mass shootings in America throughout 2022 and 2023. As I cover in this special report podcast, shootings are going to sharply increase for the foreseeable future as the wicked, destructive democrats drive people into starvation and desperation. It’s all by design, of course. The authoritarian Biden regime seeks to thrust America into chaos followed by martial law, and they need more shootings to justify their actions. But never forget: Thanks to the Democrats, you are already living in a kill zone of mass murder, slaughter and death, all demonstrated by the Left’s love for infanticide and child murder via abortion factories. There is nothing more gleeful to a Democrat, it seems, than ripping the arms and legs off an unborn child, as they openly celebrate this demonic practice and claim it is their “right” to murder all the babies they want. Meanwhile, the same Leftists screaming, “My body my choice!” demand that you be vaccinated or fired from your job and stripped of your right to exist in society. They don’t believe in choice at all. They believe in authoritarianism, genocide, baby murder and unending violence. The Democrats are now, after all, the party of war. They demand the mass killing of Russians and the mass censorship of conservatives, all in the name of “democracy” of course. It’s all so damn sickening that it makes you wonder how long it can continue.

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