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“The Matrixxx Grooove Show”
Flannel Friday Update with Gregg Phillips.
Season 4, Ep. 149
Jeffrey Pedersen First 1/2 Hour with Gregg and the seriousness of the fight for America, then the Affidavit [redacted] on Trump raid shows no information to the American People, Redactulois word of the day, Rogan and Zuckerberg on sensorship, Techno Fog substack, Johnson letter to Horowitz on FBI, and much much more….
Patriot Games takes listeners on a journey to explore different disciplines of intelligence, technologies, and fascinating people whose lives are intertwined with the intelligence community. Patriot games explains the methodologies used by operators, teams, and researchers to execute, exploit and disseminate effective information ops. The show explores different intelligence types, techniques, spycraft, and technologies. They introduce people who have spent careers in the intel community and have incredible stories to tell. They also let the audience join us in the Fusion Center and operational briefings as they actually execute the use of technology in real-world applications and operations in the US and abroad.
Shady Grooove
The August 26th (1st Hour) Show
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[Duration 48:21]
To see the Full (2 hours) Show on Rumble [Duration 1:56:40]
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