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It’s day 369 of the Lockdown. . .

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David Knight

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The David Knight Show podcast

  • Kamala and Democrats are so confident of their gun control agenda that they spin tragic shooting to push their racism and #EqualityAct agenda
  • Guest: Rabbi Dovid Smith — raising leaders to fight against schools trying to force children to take weekly COVID tests and many other attacks on freedom & dignity by NYC
  • Canadian govt gives up & releases Pastor James Coates from prison (for holding more than 15% capacity worship service)
  • Emergency Room Physician and professor — “I’ve NOT seen a SINGLE COVID case”
  • Retired teacher believes private & homeschooling are terrorist training camps — but today’s schools are Antifa Academies and today’s news was predicted 150 years ago

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1:05 Kamala & Democrats Hijack Tragedy to Push Racism. Do you find it odd that they didn’t use the shootings in Atlanta to push their gun control agenda?

15:56 Weathermen stranded for 5 days by blizzard.  Did they see it coming? Can we trust “climate science” predicting weather for decades?

20:53 Buzzfeed frets: 100’s of people who were not arrested at Capital riot will not be charged.  They just walked away, just like they were allowed to just walk in

33:37  As teachers and bureaucrats turn schools into Antifa Academies, today’s Marxist melee in schools was predicted PRECISELY 150 years ago — listen to how education SHOULD be done and by WHOM it should be done

1:12:11 Democrats Try to Revive Failed ERA From 50 Years Ago. Time has expired on the amendment to enshrine abortion as “a right” but they don’t care.  It’s the perfect companion to their ANTI-Equality Act

1:32:46 Canada Frees Pastor Jailed for Holding Church Service.  Pastor James Coates, jailed for over a month and denied bail to be held until May, was released with criminal charges dropped.  There will be a trial to challenge the regulations.  Here are the issues at stake…

1:50:02 ER Doctor Puts His Career on the Line: “There is NO Pandemic”

He refuses to live by lies.  Here’s what this physician & professor with 25 years experience, Professor of Advanced Trauma & Life Support saw working in a COVID-19 designated ER…

1:40:00 John Kerry flies commercial without mask, CNN admits DeSantis got it right — are they throwing in the towel (mask)?

2:04:56 Rabbi Dovid Smith,, has been at the center of some of the worst tyranny this past year ± and some of the strongest resistance. Here are his SOLUTIONS

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Thursday, March 18th 2021

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